The most important feature of forged metal products is their uniqueness and originality. These are high quality items, over whose appearance you have influence. Modern design is another element of Almet’s operations. Clean lines of the metals, „hewn” forms, geometric solids, simple forms, they all work best in conjunction with a minimalist, raw interior design.
We have been working with numerous esteemed architects for years. Our designs are adapted to current trends and our customers’ tastes. We are up to date with current trends drawing inspiration from every style (e.g. Art Nouveau, Baroque and Art Deco). In order to meet our customers’ needs, prices for metal forged products are flexible.
Aside from traditional methods we also employ the latest technologies in manufacturing our ironwork products. We cooperate with companies that use laser and water cutting for every material. This method for processing raw materials opens up completely new possibilities. We combine different types of materials (glass, stone, non-ferrous metals) thanks to cooperation with companies that work with them.




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