For over 30 years we have been making gates, fences, furniture, balustrades, lamps and other products according to our own and customers’ designs. We will gladly take on any order, fulfilling the highest aesthetic and quality requirements.
Our employees specialise not only in forging iron, but also brass, stainless steel and other workable metals. We work with goldsmiths, glaziers, masons, artistic bronze, brass and cast iron foundries, as well as carpenters.
We cooperate with designers and architects from Poland, Germany, France and the USA.
Our products decorate the most beautiful houses, mansions, historic and religious structures in Poland and abroad.
Our work can be seen all over the world. We perform measurements and install our products in the European Union, North America and Asia. In the case of installations abroad we take care of the entire process. We organise the transport of our products, flights, accommodation and equipment for on-site installation.

We are not afraid of any challenge!




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