Blacksmithing products from our company are hand-made by experienced artists-blacksmiths ─ graduates of arts and crafts schools. The younger members of our staff, open to technological innovations, supplement the artistic craftsmanship of the masters with original and fresh ideas.
Embracing modern trends, we increasingly use innovative materials and technologies at every stage of work on the project (3D models, laser cutting, water cutting).
The corrosion protection and the type of materials used guarantee our products will last for many years. Products installed in corrosive conditions (open spaces, around swimming pools, in cellars) are combined with stainless steel products by twisting, which allows us to forego cutting and welding. All steel parts used outdoors are hot-dip galvanised.
We offer a wide range of colours ─ from the standard black to the dark blues, greens, beige and maroon so popular now in France. Our products also include patina finishes. At the customer’s request we can give a patina finish to the entire surface of the metalwork item or apply a brushed look.
Meticulous execution of our products is our priority. This stems from the fact that very precise working of joints is essential for the quality, aesthetics and end result.

Our products can be enriched with the following elements:

  • galvanically coated with nickel, chromium, silver or gold,
  • wooden, such as handrails of balustrades, curved or carved,
  • stone,
  • tempered glass, composite or even curved,
  • Swarovski crystals,
  • forged or cast brass elements,
  • aluminium, iron and steel castings,
  • LED lighting

We prepare and implement modern designs, but our extensive collection includes designs from various architectural styles.
If necessary, we can provide advice from an architect. We also allow our customers to implements their own idea in our design studio. On request, we can design a unique form, also in 3D.

Orders can be realised and installation work conducted in virtually every corner of the world. Such activities are organised by us in a comprehensive manner, from start to finish (transport, customs, flights, unloading, accommodation, hiring equipment on site, etc.) without involving the investor.




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